Saturday, March 5, 2011

And the Winners Are....

And the Stylish Blogger Awards continue! Between the "Next Blog" feature on Blogger and the "Blog Roster" on Writer's Digest Community, I'm having lots of fun finding new things to read.

As someone who isn't much of a photographer, I've especially enjoyed finding blogs that are both verbally and visually pleasing. One example is Alice in Paris Loves Art and Tea, a blog I found through the "Next Blog" feature. I was especially attracted to this one because it features original art...another talent that skipped me entirely. It's vibrant and fun...and already attracted a People's Choice blog award.

Another blog with visual appeal - this one depicting a different sort of work in progress - is Melanie Snyder's blog. The author of Grace Goes to Prison, Melanie is in the midst of a home makeover, which you can follow on her blog.

Conversion of a Blogaphobe is a blog about changes of an entirely different sort. Writer Linda Landreth Phelps' recent blogs have been about her own life changes, with a lovely, reflective twist and self-deprecating humor. Good reads!

Another recent find (also from Canada, like Alice, above) was Janalynne Rogers' blog. I've enjoyed this author's posts on writing, especially the one about chick lit, and how easy it is to write a novel.

Two (or more) to go...but right now I have to go. Time to play chauffeur. Where is that hat when I need it?


  1. Hi Lisa!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and including it in your list! I'm relatively new to blogging - it's so nice to discover new readers.


  2. As I told you in my email, (but will say again here for those who haven't seen your posts), I especially loved "It's a Genre, Not a Plague." I also write "chick lit," and could really identify!

    Happy Writing!

  3. Hiya! Thanks so much for thinking of me:) Now I'm off to visit some of those blogs:)

  4. Have fun in the search! I hope you find lots of good ones!

  5. Oh. My. Gosh! I never even really noticed that "Next Blog" option on Blogger!!! Honestly, Lisa. I learn something new every time I visit! :o)