Friday, January 8, 2021

Friday Feature: A Few Miscellaneous Lessons

One necessary task that I shortchange on a regular basis is the weeding of my inbox. While I will never be an inbox zero girl, I do make some attempt to whip the virtual piles into shape, especially when I have time off. While I was doing this last night, I came across a fun article from The New York Times on things we learned in 2020. 


Before you groan and/or roll your eyes and/or stop reading, it's not one of those growing-through-adversity pieces. Instead, it's called "7 Wonderful Non-Covid Things we Learned in 2020," and it pulls together things like complaining, procrastinating, saving money and whether or not you should leave your phone plugged in all day. 

Y'know. Useful stuff. (Which is probably why it's in the "Smarter Living" section).

To be honest, I haven't read the whole thing. I've decided to read it in sections, based on the topic. Even though it's short, each section has links and I find each one interesting enough to follow the links instead of zipping through the article and checking it off my list. I started with the section on charging cell phones and I'm not sure which section I'll read next (you might have noted that I put off reading the section on procrastination). I like it when articles are arranged so I can read them in snippets of time because sometimes that's all I have.

And I will read the section on procrastination. Eventually.

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