Monday, January 6, 2020

20 for 2020

Adapted from Kollsd via Pixabay
I spent some time on New Year's Day analyzing the goals I'd set for 2019 and setting new ones for this year, more specifically this month. It's something I enjoy, believe it or not, and something that helps keep me on track.

But, as an overachiever who loves to learn, for every goal I select, there are three or four others I set aside. Some are too big for the moment or even the month, while others are guidelines or philosophies of the, "y'know, I should do more of that" variety.

Enter my 20 in 2020 list. I did one of these last year, too and checked a number of things off, my favorites being visiting my daughter in Ireland and getting one of my books published (Know Thyself). Others migrated to my goals list, some for this month, but few, if any, remained untouched.

That's the power of writing things down.

So, without further ado or explanation, here's my 20 for 2020.

1.   Be mindful.
2.   Remember that it's (still) okay to say no.
3.   Put my own oxygen mask on first (figuratively).
4.   Declutter.
5.   When I hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras (also figuratively).
6.   Set a screen time curfew.
7.   Read more.
8.   Don't wallow in the news.
9.   Be optimistic.
10. Give people space to do things for themselves.
11. Tip more.
12. Say thank you.
13. Use less plastic.
14. Make space in the schedule for creative pursuits beyond my writing.
15. Meditate more.
16. Remember that it's okay to do nothing sometimes.
17. Be a mentor.
18. Stop caring what other people think. They're probably not watching anyway.
19. Consume and create less social media.
20. Live on the plateau sometimes.

What are yours?

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