Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Happy Binge Day!

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Today is Binge Day. While a little research connected this to viewing shows we like (new fall season, anyone?), a nice, long session of anything we enjoy can constitute a binge worth having.

For me, the things that top the list (besides the new fall shows I've been waiting for all summer) are chocolate (always), writing, and my latest indulgence, Lemon Oreos. I'm not sure I'm bingeing, per se, but I'm definitely not exercising a lot of restraint.

That got me to thinking about what my characters might binge on. While Bets and Marita love their happy hours, their binge drinking days are behind them. These days, they're more likely to binge on popcorn and the sheer enjoyment of one another's company. It's not that they don't enjoy their wine and their margaritas; it's just that they're no longer the main event.

As for Charli, her binges are the typical teen favorites -- texting her friends, polishing off the pizza and curling up for a good nap. In one scene in the upcoming book, Charli binges on milkshakes at a local diner, finishing not just her own, but those of the others at the table as well.

And Angel? Well, Angel's not much of a binger. For her, a quality evening is bingeing on time with friends and family. Quiet evenings with the people who matter to her are one thing she can never get enough of. Perhaps that's the part of Angel that Marita eventually connects to. Both of them understand the importance of time with the people they love.

How about you? Are you a binge-watcher? Or are you more likely to bury yourself in an activity or go a little overboard on a favorite food?

However you celebrate it (or don't), enjoy today. If the weather is good where you are, perhaps binge on sunshine. That's certainly a lot healthier than some of my choices.

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