Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A New Book is Coming!

The new year keeps bringing me new things to share! (No complaints!!) I didn't intend to have two new pretty things to showcase this week, but this morning, I got the official go-ahead to share the cover of my latest book!

Due out this spring from Our Sunday Visitor, Know Thyself: The (Im)Perfectionist's Guide to Sorting Your Stuff takes a laid back, gentle approach to getting organized. Long-time readers may remember that I used to post on this topic here before moving the organizing posts to a home of their own. My philosophy is that anyone can get organized, but that one-size-fits-all organizational strategies are counterproductive (and frustrating). The path to sustainable systems is created by putting the things we already do -- the very things that might seem like obstacles -- to work and developing strategies that work with those habits and styles.

So, for any of you who've been wondering what's taking me so long to get the next Marita/Angel/Charli book out into the world, the answer is that I seem to have taken a non-fiction detour. Now that the writing part of Know Thyself is finished, I'm anxious to get back to my characters, and determined that 2019 will be the year that their next installment makes it into your hands.

Until then, I hope you'll join me in celebrating my newest book, due out in just a few months!

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