Friday, November 9, 2018

Friday Feature: The Very Tired Word Writers Should Stop Using

One of my favorite books is Stephen King's On Writing. Though I neither read nor write in the genre that has made King famous (I'm a horror chicken), I nevertheless admire what he has accomplished. I also enjoy following King on Twitter, as much for his wicked sense of humor and political views as anything he has to say about writing.

I missed the tweet referenced in this article from Big Think, but since it was King who convinced me of the evils of adverbs, I was very interested in finding out which "very tired" word King believes writers should stop using.

Every writer has his or her go-to words -- the ones that pop up in our writing more often than we're even aware. We try to fix them, perform the find-change combo to excise them, but still they escape our fingertips more than we would like.

If you were doing the editing, which word(s) would you eliminate?

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