Wednesday, November 7, 2018

5 Things I Know About Charli's BFF

I stepped away from my characters last week but, as is often the case, they called me back. Anna Fitzpatrick, Charli's best friend, has been tapping her foot as only an impatient middle school girl can, wondering how much longer I'll ignore her.

No longer.

Here are five things I know about Anna Fitzpatrick.

1. She won't admit it, but she secretly loves being the only girl (besides her mom) in her family.

2. She loves Charli, but she doesn't alway understand her.

3. She is very, very grateful that her parents are together and she doesn't have to go through what Charli does.

4. She wants her brother and Charli both to be happy, but everything felt a little weird when they were together.

5. Part of the appeal of youth group is the church connection, part of it is Lukas and the other part...meeting boys.

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