Friday, November 2, 2018

Friday Feature: A New Development in Books

What do you get the reader who has everything?

How about a dwarsligger?

Tiny books about the size of a cellphone, dwarsliggers are popular in the Netherlands. Meant to be read lengthwise and with one hand, they have super thin pages readers can flip with their thumbs.


How do you know when you're too old for a trend?

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Although these tiny books are popular in the Netherlands, they're just beginning to make an appearance -- and a limited one, at that -- in the U.S., so they hardly qualify as a trend. Yet.

As a lover of books, I think I'd love to have one of these but, as a reader over 50, I don't see myself reaching for increasingly smaller books, no matter how cute or portable they are. Still, as an educator and author, I think that if dwarsliggers get people -- especially young people -- excited about reading, well, that's good news.

Big good news at that.

How about you? Will dwarsliggers make your holiday short list?

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