Monday, September 24, 2018

Sweater Weather

Today, it's gray and rainy-ish (looks like rain, I've seen a few raindrops, but not much has materialized) and finally, finally beginning to feel like fall. Since I'm usually warm when I teach, I opted to forego the sweater for a lightweight tunic, and I grudgingly chose shoes, but only after rejecting three pairs of sandals. Though I ended up loving elements of the outfit, but not the outfit itself, temperature-wise, it was a good call.

But, when it hadn't warmed up by the time I got home this afternoon, it was time for comfort clothes. Not full-on comfort clothes like the pajama pants and "Home" tee-shirt I put on after church yesterday, but rather an I-can-be-seen-in-public-in-this outfit, as I had an appointment.

My daughter and I had been discussing sweaters just last week, specifically, how ready we were to wear them so today, once I'd determined that a sweater was, indeed, called for, I knew exactly which one it would be. It fit the bill perfectly, pairing well with jeans and putting the comfort in comfortable, yet looking nice, too.

The first sweater of the season is so very nice -- provided it comes in September or later. It evokes crisp fall days, apple cider and Sunday afternoons curled up with a good book. This particular sweater, however, especially when paired with the earrings I wore to school, evoked unexpected memories. A particular favorite, I wore this particular sweater often to rehearsals last winter. Though the outdoor temperature was much colder than it is today, the climate in the rehearsal room was much warmer. Some nights, it was actually too darn hot.

The atmosphere in the rehearsal room was warm, too, and in a much more enjoyable way. I was back on stage after years of being away and, even better, I was working with people whose company I enjoyed onstage and off. We clicked and now, nine months later, we still get together about once a month or so for drinks and dish.

cocoparisienne via Pixabay
And today, as I slipped on my favorite pink sweater, all those memories slipped on with it, making me smile and nudging me to initiate another drink and dish session. The restaurant we usually go to will probably still be too warm for a sweater, but that's okay. The company will be worth it.

How about you? What evokes fall for you? Or, better yet, what brings back memories that make you smile?

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