Monday, May 14, 2018

Welcome to Summer Vacation?

Today is the first day of summer vacation.

My daughter is home, I've posted my grades and, in three days, I leave for my favorite writing conference.

#1 on the Summer Vacation, Part I
hit parade? Writing, of course.

Photo: Naturalpastels via Pixabay
Today is the first day of summer vacation.

It's 58 degrees out, my daughter leaves in less than three weeks and, almost immediately after flipping the calendar page to June, I start teaching a summer session class.

Today is the first day of summer vacation?

Yes. It is. Okay, so maybe the outside temperature begs to differ, maybe summer vacation looks more like a block schedule than three months of smooth sailing and maybe my mudroom has disappeared beneath piles of young adult possessions and stacks of things for the conference this weekend, but I can work with this.

My daughter is home.

The conference is coming.

58 and cloudy beats hazy, hot and humid.

As with everything else in life, I can live in the clouds (all too easy to do today), or I can look for the silver lining. Since living in the clouds would be a tremendous waste of the three weeks of unscheduled, sleep-in, read what I like, hang with my kid gift of time that May promises, the choice is easy.

Today is the first day of summer vacation, Part I. Stay tuned.

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