Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday Feature: 10 Habits that Hinder Productivity

Yesterday was the last day of spring semester classes. Today is Reading Day, that miraculous day where I don't have to set an alarm and, when I get up, I have the whole day ahead of me to plan as I wish. I want to be productive as I have a number of deadlines looming, but today is also the perfect day to strive for balance.

While any day is a good day to do that, I find it harder to achieve this in days that are scheduled for me. Today, I get to choose and organize my priorities. For me, this is often a recipe for not only success, but also a feeling of accomplishment.

Several months ago, I saved an article from Success magazine about habits that hinder productivity. From the first tip (stop saying yes when you want to say no) to the last, the article (which takes less than five minutes to read), has great advice not just for productivity, but for balance as well. I'm working on that first tip, and I've definitely made some progress, simply by making it a goal. I've also gotten better at prioritizing my day (#10- another goal), and though I've become more mindful of some others like protecting my recharge time (#8), not multitasking (#5) and striving less for perfection (#7), I definitely have room for improvement in those areas as well.

Don't get me wrong. I don't intend to use this article to start a "what's wrong with me" party -- more like a "how can I make myself less stressed?" assessment. I don't fully agree with all ten items all the time, but overall, the advice is worth considering and, in some cases, implementing.

Revisiting this article reminded me that I let the beginning of May slip by without setting my monthly goals. Later on today, I look forward to settling in with a cold beverage, my calendar and this article to plot out the rest of the month. I've got lots of things to look forward to in May, along with a number of deadlines, and maybe adopting some of these habits will enable me to enjoy both more fully.

What detracts from your feelings of accomplishment?

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