Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Getting Nosy

Helen1965 via Pixabay

Yesterday, I wrote about the tales some of the items on my desk tell about me. Tomorrow, I'm going to take a peek at my characters' desks. What do you think I might find?


  1. Angel's desk is super neat, of course. Maybe an old-fashioned pigeonhole-type desk with lots of fancy papers she can use for scrapbooking about her baby.
    Bets does not have a desk. She dumps everything wherever, definitely "drop and run," and she's fine with that.
    That's all I've got :)

  2. Love it! You nailed it with Angel -- her desk is super neat (she's a Type A organizer). Bets' desk is pictured above -- that's the desk I chose for her in a previous post about desks. You'll love what I found on Marita's desk....

    Thanks for playing!!