Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Desks with Character, Part 2

Keila Hötzel via Pixabay
On Monday, I mined my desk for material for a blog post. After I wrote that post, I got to thinking about what my characters' desks might hold.

Angel's desk is, as my friend and loyal reader Barb predicted, well-organized with plenty of  clear space. The only interesting find is a new  (and neatly organized) bullet journal, a reflection of her New Year's resolution to keep track of all the lists that make her feel as though she's outgrown her planner.

Marita hasn't yet carved out a space in her house for a desk, and mostly uses the island in her kitchen, which is where she keeps her laptop. Bills and mail occupy a basket on the bottom shelf of the island and, mixed in among them is a cocktail napkin from the bar where Trevor works. On the back of the napkin is a cell phone number, and tucked into the napkin is Gregory Daniels' business card.

Bets's desk is actually the one pictured in yesterday's post and is as haphazard as Angel's is neat. A mix of menus and brochures, its contents give the impression that she's planning a party. There's a highlighted script atop the pile, so perhaps a cast party is in her future.

Charli's desk is almost as neat as Angel's, but it's not difficult to figure out that it belongs to a thirteen-year-old girl. An empty candy wrapper and a note from Anna sit on top of Charli's school books and notebooks. A note from Zander is tucked into her English notebook and, on the left hand corner of her desk, a bowling pass (from the night youth group went bowling -- the first night Todd kissed her) is tucked into a heart-shaped note holder.

This nosiness business is fun! I wonder what my characters would think of my revelations....


  1. Each would have their own opinion, I'm sure! Fun post, Lisa.

  2. Thanks, Carole! Sorry I missed this comment :-(