Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Win a Book!

Last year, after Christmas, I wrote my Holiday Superlatives. Today, I'm going to have my characters answer some of the same questions, along with a few more I've dreamed up.

Despite the December weather, Angel, Marita, Charli and Bets have agreed to join me on the porch swing (in the cold!) and answer the questions. Can you tell who said what? The first three people to correctly attribute 8 or more answers will win a Kindle copy of Chasing a Second Chance.

To enter, email your answers to me at That way, no one else can peek at your brilliant responses :-)

Win me!!
Best Christmas advice: Enjoy every moment. It goes by too fast.

Best Christmas attitude: I will not let other people steal my joy.

Favorite Christmas song:  Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.

Best Christmas present: My daughter.

Favorite Christmas tradition: Decorating the tree.

Christmas songs I'll miss: Santa Baby

Christmas song I wish I'd heard but haven't yet: Breath of Heaven.

Christmas task I always put off till the last minute: Shopping!

All I want for Christmas is... for everyone to get along.

Best gift of the season: Time.

What do you think? Who said what? Send me an email with your answers so I can send you a Christmas present!

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