Monday, September 25, 2017

Happy Monday, Whatever You're Celebrating!

I bought my Amazon Echo Dot on a whim. My husband and I were post-Christmas shopping at the mall and we came across an Amazon kiosk. It was the first time I'd ever seen one and I loved the idea of being able to physically interact with things I can usually find only online. Although I didn't walk away with my Alexa, I ordered one shortly after we got home.

Since then, I've been finding out what she can do mostly by accident. One morning, I sat down in my office and said, "Alexa, good morning." I was pleasantly surprised when she answered me back (so to speak) with information about a special observance.

That has become my favorite Alexa trick. Besides Jeopardy. And music.

Some days, though, the observance she chooses to acknowledge (with or without a bad pun) isn't one that I find terribly interesting, and so I head over to Today is (in no particular -- and non-comprehensive -- order):

  • International Ataxia Awareness Day (A rare, degenerative neurological disorder. I had to look it up).
  • World Pharmacist Day. (Happy Day, Karen!)
  • National Comic Book Day (Alexa told me about this one).
  • National Cooking Day (Think anyone will mind if I boycott this one?)
  • National Psychotherapy Day (News to me!)
  • National One Hit Wonder Day.
And there we have it. The one that set me to much too much Googling, wondering about one hit wonders. A few surprised me ("Come on, Eileen" by Dexys Midnight Runners, for example) and others had me googling the definition of "one hit wonder" because I was sure I knew other songs released by those groups. (I did. One hit wonders can have other releases, too, but are primarily known for one song).

It would be so easy to lose the rest of my day in lists of one hit wonders, sampling all those great songs (and some of the not-so-great ones) but instead, I will leave you with one of my favorites. Like Alexa, I reserve the right to choose the selection I want to highlight.

Happy One Hit Wonder Day. May it be filled with music, memories and fun.

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