Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Life's Little Non-Luxury

Photo: Lauren Mancke, via Minimography
I am writing, but I shouldn't be.

Now, that's a switch, isn't it?

After months of struggling to find writing time, I'm thrilled with my new accountability plan that offers me both social time and writing time. It never fails to leave me feeling energized, and, in addition, these writing sessions make sure I get something on the page at least once in a week.

But this week is the week leading up to Christmas. End-of-semester grades are due tomorrow. Everywhere I look, lists loom.

Last night, I was reading student responses to the co-curricular activities they attended as part of my class (first year seminar). Several of my freshmen mentioned going to events when they thought they didn't have time to go, when they were stressed out from work and due dates and it seemed only logical that they stay home and get things done. But, they went because they had to, and, when they went to things that were fun (petting dogs, stand-up comics, cultural events), the relaxation that ensued from the change in routine was actually beneficial. As I wrote back to them, I reminded them -- and myself -- that relaxation is an investment, not a luxury.

I'm not sure I'd call my writing time relaxation, but it definitely recharges me and, in that respect, it's definitely an investment. Because I enjoy it, it feels like a luxury, but it's really not. It's a part of who I am and a part of what I do. I wouldn't forgo a shower because "life's too busy," and, as silly as it sounds to non-writers, writing is just as important.

So, off I go. To write. To recharge. To accomplish.

The list can wait until this afternoon.

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