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6 Questions from the Porch Swing for Mary Kate Fitzpatrick

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Mary Kate Fitzpatrick, mother to Anna and Todd (and Brady, who's always off-screen) is one of the few characters who is actually friends with both Marita and Angel in Casting the First Stone.

Where will we find you when you’re not on the page of the book we’re reading?
Mary Kate: If I'm not working or cleaning or grocery shopping, I'm probably driving a child somewhere, or going to a school or church event. We keep busy. 

What’s something we’d be surprised to know about you?
Mary Kate: I'm not a full-time homemaker/at-home mom. I started working part time as an administrative assistant when Anna went to kindergarten, and, when we moved here, I started looking for work as soon as the kids were settled in. I really enjoy balancing my life outside the home with my life at home.

What are your thoughts on children?
Mary Kate: They're wonderful, but also wonderfully infuriating, and their pain is my pain. When we first moved from Chicago, Anna had a really rough time of it, and I spent a lot of time praying that she'd find her place, but also wondering if we'd made a huge mistake. I was so happy when she found Charli. Charli put the smile back on my daughter's face.

What regrets do you have?
Mary Kate: If you'd asked me that right after we moved, I'd have immediately told you I regretted uprooting my kids and bringing them to a new place, no matter how good Neil's job was. Fortunately, things improved.

Whom do you admire? 
Mary Kate: Lukas. He does a great job of getting the kids excited about church. He's part kid, part grown-up, and he knows when to bring out each of those aspects. That was one of the things that made him the best candidate for this position.

You're friends with Marita, but you and Angel go way back. Do you ever feel a conflict of interest there?
Mary Kate: Not really. They're both great people, and I know first hand what a great mom Marita is. I'm pretty picky about the adults who influence my kids, and I trust both of those ladies. If anything, I think I'm able to see both sides of things -- all three sides, if you count Charli's side. And I do.

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