Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mom Time

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This weekend, I am attempting to have my cake and eat it, too. It's the annual Pennwriters Conference, which I love, but for which I am woefully unprepared. Sure, I've been mentally planning this trip for weeks, but as far as the actual, physical planning? Not so much.

See, this year, the conference coincides with my daughter's last week of high school ever. I thought I'd have a lovely buffer zone between the end of my semester last week and the conference, which starts Friday, but that has not been how things have worked out.

Monday night was the Academic Awards Ceremony, an event so perfume-laden that it rendered me hacking and sofa-bound for a substantial portion of the afternoon yesterday (thanks so much to all who bathed in their fragrance of choice). This put me behind in my preparation for tonight's critique group meeting, not to mention today's blogs, and before I knew it, one day's list was morphing into the next day's and the leftovers were taking over the schedule.

And the schedule itself was a challenge to begin with. The plan was to spend Friday at the conference, drive home Saturday afternoon to be here in time for prom pictures, drive back Saturday night and finish out the conference on Sunday.

Still the plan. Except, as I mentioned before, the leftovers are chasing me. Graduation announcements. Clothing for said ceremony and for the beach trip that follows. Party prep.

It will all get done. Little by little, step by step and in spite of the best-laid plans. It always does, which is why, by this time tomorrow, I will have switched gears. It'll be later than I'd hoped, but it will happen.

I'm going to Pennwriters.

And when I return, I'll need to wade out of the river of denial and approach the graduation that lies on its shores.
But meanwhile, I'm going to Pennwriters.

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