Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Gina Dishes
Gina here again. Lisa was nice enough to give me one more week (she made me say that), and, as promised, I want to dish about the people in her books Casting the First Stone and Chasing a Second Chance.

Trouble is, I've never met most of them. I love Angel and am proud to cawl her my friend, which is actually kinda funny since we're so different. Her husband? Ugh. Another story. She sooo deserves better. And that mother-in-law of hers? Whatta piece of work! Five minutes with her explains a lot about Prince Not-So-Charming, even when he's not in the same room.

As for everybody else, I've never met 'em, but Angel has told me stuff. Good stuff, of course, because that's Angel. When it comes to not knowing the Bible study ladies, I don't feel too cheated. I know they're probably nice people, but church ladies...well, we just don't have a lot in common. Even Angel and I struggle with that sometimes.

But when it comes to Marita and her kid -- they sound kinda cool. I didn't used to think so, back when Marita was being all snooty with Angel. But, according to Angel, Marita came around. And Angel sure is crazy about Charli.

Marita's friend Bets sounds like someone I'd like to hang out with. Angel says we're a lot alike. Not sure if that means we'd get along, or be two queen bees tryin' to get in the biggest sting.

So, whadda you think?
  • Jim: Overbearing and obnoxious or maligned and misunderstood?
  • Marita: Perfect parent or trashy trollop? 
  • Bets: Fun & feisty or boozy & bawdy?
  • Charli: Sassy stepdaughter or teenage trouble?
  • That Lukas dude: Sweet & stabilizing or sanctimonious & self-serving?
Leave me a comment and lemme know. And while you're at it, tell Lisa who you'd like to see me in a scene with. Word is, the more people I know, the better my chances of hangin' around. 

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