Wednesday, January 6, 2016

5 Questions from the Porch Swing for Clarice James

What have you written? I've written two novels (Party of One and Double Header), and I'm almost finished with my third. Its working title is Manhattan Grace. My second novel, Double Header, was the first to get published when I won a publishing contract with Mountainview Books, LLC, through the Jerry Jenkins Operation First Novel Contest. Double Header debuted December 1, 2015. 

What do you read? As for fiction, I read contemporary women, historical, general, some westerns with a quirky angle, short stories, and humor. Non-fiction varies, but mostly Christian living, Bible studies, and devotionals.

Why do you write? Just can't help myself and don't want to :-) Seriously, it's the way God made me, and, since He made me this way, I feel right doing it. I want to use whatever talent God endowed me with to glorify His name.

Fun writing factoid (not technically a question, I know): I often change a character's name three or four times before I feel it's right for them. I think it was easier picking names for my three children!

One more thing: Check out Double Header on Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble. Read the reviews, and you'll find out it's not really all about baseball. :-)

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