Wednesday, December 30, 2015

5 Questions from The Porch Swing for Loree Lough

What have you written? Fiction and nonfiction for adults and children (107 books in print; nearly 6M in circulation 7 book-to-movie options); more than 2,500 articles.

What do you read? Research manuals, mostly, so I'm sure to include authentic and accurate details in my books.

Why do you write? If I didn't, I'd get into trouble for repainting all the wood surfaces in our house. (Men! LOL)

This book is #2 in Heartwarming's
Book #3 is due out in May.
Fun writing factoid (not technically a question, I know): I act out characters' mannerisms and facial expressions, and speak their lines of dialog aloud. (That weird truck with the men in white coats doesn't show up anymore, thankfully).

One more thing: My all-time favorite thing about the job is reading letters from people who've not only spent hard-earned money on the books, but took time from their busy schedules to tell me which scenes and/or characters most touched them.

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