Tuesday, December 29, 2015

5 Questions from The Porch Swing for Judy Wolfman

What have you written? My latest book is A Slave No More --  the true story of Henry "Box" Brown who escaped from slavery by having himself shipped from Virginia to Philadelphia in a box -- 3 ft. x 2.5 ft x 2 ft. -- under extreme discomfort!

What do you read? Right now I'm reading James Patterson's books - many of them!

Why do you write? I enjoy the opportunity to express my thoughts and information with others through my words!

Fun writing factoid (not technically a question, I know): The longer I write, the better I seem to become at the art --
and writing is an art! I also enjoy working with "new" writers -- critiquing their work. The best part is seeing them get published!

One more thing: Since I love to perform, I've formed a readers' theatre troupe (10 professional actors) through York Little Theatre and we entertain at a variety of venues in York County -- that's a lot of fun! We don't charge, but request a donation to YLT.

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