Wednesday, November 11, 2015

18 Things I Love About My Daughter

My daughter turns 18 this weekend, and so today's post is about her. She's a modest kid, but since this is my space, where I get to write what I want, I'm indulging myself. Look away if you wish -- bragging moms don't always tell the best stories -- but I couldn't resist the opportunity to celebrate my favorite young woman.

So, here (in no particular order) are 18 things I love about my daughter. No elaborations -- just the list -- because just the list is probably more than she'd want me to post anyway.

It's been a long time since
I was taller than she is.
  1. She's got a great sense of humor.
  2. She's quick with a comeback.
  3. She's smart.
  4. She's beautiful.
  5. She's athletic.
  6. She works hard for the things that matter to her.
  7. She's true to herself.
  8. She practices her faith.
  9. Little kids love her.
  10. She's conscientious.
  11. She can be trusted.
  12. She's a loyal friend.
  13. She's a kind-hearted grandchild.
  14. She lets me into her world.
  15. She's musical.
  16. She likes Billy Joel almost as much as I do.
  17. She gives great hugs.
  18. She has the courage of her convictions.

Happy Birthday, Leah. I'm proud to be your mom.


  1. Aw - sniff. Happy birthday Leah. Great qualities to have. Wish for you a beautiful year. MJ