Monday, September 14, 2015

The Globalness of Global Thinking

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The process leading up to Friday's post was enlightening for me. I've known for years that I'm a global thinker -- my very detail-oriented educator colleagues and I joked about it regularly -- but it wasn't until Friday that I realized just how global my globalness is. So many things that I labeled in a negative light are actually a by-product of my global thinking. Or, to appropriate the title of a book written for adults with ADHD, You Mean I'm not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?! The issues are different, but the feeling of relief is, I imagine, quite the same.

Long after I posted Friday's blog, I kept reading about big picture thinkers. Interestingly enough, there are entire articles devoted to becoming a big picture thinker; there are actually folks out there who want what I have!

But an article called "The 7 Secrets of Big Picture Thinkers"  is the one that captured my attention.

Secrets? Not in my world. The author might as well have been describing me.
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  • She says, "Catch your ideas."
  • I think, "That's why I have notes to myself scattered throughout my house."
  • She says, "Overwhelm [sic] can be described as either having too much on your plate or PERCEIVING what you have to be too much."
  • I think, "'That's why I feel as though I'm drowning when the details pile up."
  • She says, "Talk about your ideas."
  • I think, "That's why I subject my husband to monologues about my latest and greatest plans and ideas."
  • She says, "Give your mind time to wander."
  • I think, "That's why I need some quiet time without interruptions each day, and down time late in the afternoon."
If you're a global thinker, you should read the article. You'll feel right at home. If you're a detail-oriented thinker, you should read the article.

Your friends who are big-picture people will thank you.

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