Monday, August 31, 2015

Mom's Lunch Rules

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Every parent wants her children to feel comfortable bringing friends home. And truth be told, I enjoy both my daughter and her friends, so it's kind of fun when they show up.

But when the world of high school senior open lunch collided with the world of the work-at-home mom, it quickly became apparent that it was time to set a few rules.
  1. Don't expect to take advantage of me. I'll stock the house, I'll welcome you and your friends into it, I'll make sure the table is accessible for eating and I'll even stay out of your way. But I live here, too, and we'll need to coexist.
  2. This is not a restaurant. I'm happy to make you a sandwich. But if you ask me to cook anything more complicated than ramen, good luck with that. Most days, I don't even do that for myself.
  3. There's no maid service. If you come home and make a mess at lunch time, expect it to be waiting for you when you get home from school. I'll happily walk right by those dirty dishes if it means you'll learn to clean up after yourself.
  4. I won't be guilted into compliance. Please, Mom? Seriously? That hasn't worked since you were truly unable to do things for yourself. 
Am I sounding a little hostile? I don't mean to. I just know she knows better. 

And if I doubted it for a second? I shared rule #2 with her when she arrived (as I was writing this) and got that knowing grin -- the one I get when she knows she's got both feet over the line and just wanted to see what would happen if she hung out there for a while.
Oh, and one more thing. You might want to let me know you're coming. Otherwise, I might not be the only one embarrassed by my wardrobe.

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  1. BRAVO! And I'm thankful we don't have open lunch. I have no qualms about telling my kids (and their friends) to clean up their messes when they have a meal or snack here. It's a respect thing.