Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Freebie: What I'm Reading Now in Ten Minutes or Less: The Aroma of a Good Book

Tokyo Milk Paper & Cotton 17 Perfume
As I prepare for my beach vacation, I face the recurring question: paperback or Kindle? I know I'll toss at least one paperback into my beach bag (along with the library book I checked out yesterday), but I also know the lightweight convenience of a Kindle can't be beat when I'm lugging a week's worth of necessities to the car -- or the beach.

R. Nichols Read Candle
Since I'll have the smell of sand, surf and salt air for atmosphere, I won't miss my new book smell on the beach. But would it perhaps be worthwhile to pack one of these for my reading back at the condo?


  1. Put that Kindle in a ziplock bag and you're all set! :) I do prefer "real" books but nothing travels like a Kindle.

  2. That's my favorite Kindle feature: stashing a whole stack of books on one device I can slip into my purse! Had to bring along a couple of paperbacks, too…and some magazines because I can read them and dispose of them so I don't have to take them back home!