Monday, July 14, 2014

Celebrations: You've Got to Have Friends

Last Friday, I had a great conversation with a fellow writer about the publishing industry, promotion, social media and, of course, writing. We talked for over two hours about our projects, our trials and tribulations and the expectation that writers will donate a substantial portion of their writing time to the promotion of their own work, something that makes most writers uncomfortable. But we agreed that we're among the lucky ones.

We actually enjoy the promotion aspect -- provided it's done the way we want to do it.

Jenna, manager of the Gettysburg Starbucks 
It should come as no surprise that a Jersey girl wants to do things her own way, but when it comes to promotion, I think this is true of most writers. We're excited about our work, and we can talk about it endlessly, but there's a line between organic discussion and obnoxious pressure, one that most writers try very hard not to cross. If you ask me about my book, I'll tell you anything you want to know, but that doesn't mean I expect you to buy it. Sure, I'd love it if you did, but if you're my friend, I'll still love you even if you don't.

Brenda Newman

So today, I'm sharing celebration pictures. My rule of thumb for promotion is that it has to be fun, so it should (once again) come as no surprise that I began my celebrations at Starbucks, my writing home away from home. I've done three Starbucks signings to date and every single one of them has been a blast. I've also done a signing at the Village Library in Jacobus signing, as well as a Bookiversary party and I'm looking forward to some upcoming signings at the beach at the end of this month.
Becky, Steve, John, Vicki & Bill at my
first (snowy) Starbucks event

But the fun at these events doesn't come from book sales. Admittedly, sales are nice, but the real fun comes from sitting and talking to the people who've been kind enough to give up a chunk of their day to come see me. Every single event has brought laughter, joy and conversations that have brightened my day and reminded me of how very, very fortunate I am to have such wonderful people in my life.

To all of you who have been to an event, read the book, liked my Facebook posts, sent me messages, signed up for my newsletter, asked me about the book….thank you. For a writer, very little rivals seeing her name in print, but even that pales in comparison to the blessing of family and friends.

Pat Walters
Tammy Deardorff and Pam Mikesell

So when I have an event, and I invite you to stop by and say hi, please understand that there are no strings attached. I really mean it when I say "no purchase necessary" because while I surely appreciate the purchases, the pleasure they bring is secondary to the pleasure of your company.

Family - Linda, Steph and a shy Josh

Shawn & Vann

And if you've been part of an event, but aren't part of today's photo archive, stay tuned. Still getting all the photos in order.

Hey, I'm a writer, not a photographer :-)


  1. It was so nice getting to reconnect with you again. We really didn't talk about your book, although I wanted to! I'll save that for the next book signing! I loved your first novel! Keep them coming, in between all your other duties! Brenda

    1. Right back atcha, Brenda! I really enjoyed catching up. Guess we just have to set another time to meet and talk some more :-) Thanks so much for coming!