Monday, May 20, 2013

Pennwriters Conference Top Ten

(in no particular order)

Top Five Events:

1. Donald Maass dinner keynote
2. Chuck Sambuchino workshops
3. Chuck Sambuchino's luncheon keynote
4. Deb Riley-Magnus's Cross-Marketing workshops
5. Ramona DeFelice-Long's Short Story workshop

Top Five Takeaways (simple, yet profound):

1. "What will you write for my son to read?" (Donald Maass)
2. "Storytelling is a hypothesis." (Mark Tavani)
3."Don't believe everything you hear." (Chuck Sambuchino)
4. "Write a story people want to re-tell." (Hana Haatainen Caye)
5. "Relax." (Jon Sprunk)

Okay conferees - who/what did I miss?

And, if you weren't at the conference this time, comment to ask me more about Pennwriters! Next year's conference is at the Eden Resort Inn in Lancaster, PA - worth the trip!


  1. I learned about the underlying heart of my novel in Kathryn Craft's workshop and a wealth of info from Hank Phillippi Ryan.

  2. Thanks, Hana! I didn't attend either of those workshops - hoping I have an opportunity to attend one of Kathryn or Hank's at a future conference. Hang on to what you learned with Kathryn - I want to read that novel you told me about at lunch!!