Sunday, June 3, 2012

Guest Post: Snoring Scholar Sarah Reinhard

Continuing with my conference theme (because after all, one of the best things a writer can do is go to a conference!), today, I'm featuring a guest blog written by a blogger I "met" when she led a workshop at the online Catholic Writers' Conference two years ago. Sarah gave me some great ideas on the topic of blogging, one of which I used just recently when I found myself staring at a blank computer screen.  I later had the opportunity to be a guest on her blog, and now she's joining me here! 

Welcome, Sarah! I know it's not an original opener, but since my readers may not know you, could you tell us a little about yourself?

I'm a Catholic wife and mom, first and foremost, and that means I have plenty of material to write about! :) I have my nose in a book as often as I can (which isn't usually as often as I'd like) and I've gone from blogging for fun to writing for pay.

How long have you been blogging?

My first post went up on May 26, 2006, and was titled "God must really love me!"

What made you decide to start a blog?

I had been feeling like I should be writing, but I was having NO success with writing "for myself." I wanted an audience, and blogging fit the bill.

I've often read that blogs should have a theme or at least a unifying thread. Is that true for your

For me, the unifying theme is that I'm Catholic. My blog reflects the seasons of my life, so the topics are sometimes focused more on family or on what I'm reading or on an issue that strikes me.

What advice would you give to a blogger who's just starting out?

Don't give up! And interact with others--it's not just a one-way street! Did I mention not to give up?

Any tips on good ways to find new blog topics or perk up an existing blog?

This is going to sound a bit crazy, but sometimes taking a break and spending time in silence will help you discern your direction. (Or maybe I'm just speaking to where I'm at with things right now.) You can also attend the Catholic Writers Conference Online and participate in my blogging workshop, where we spend time on this very thing. :)

Besides your blog, what are you working on now?

My first feature-length book, Catholic Family Fun: A Guide for the Adventurous, Overwhelmed, Creative, or Clueless came out in late April from Pauline Books & Media. I'm going to be toning down a lot of my extracurricular writing for summertime, but you can see a sampling of my other online writing here.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Thanks so much for having me! :)

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