Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cool, Calm and Collected

Just before Memorial Day, we bought a canopy for our back patio. Unfortunately, it was so hot that weekend that most of us picnicked inside in the air conditioning. The guys braved the heat for a bit, but eventually, most of them also gave up and surrendered to the lure of the cool indoors.

I am not a fan of summer heat. Truth be told, I'm not a big fan of winter cold either. If it weren't for the beauty of fall, I would seriously consider moving west where I could enjoy sunshine and warm weather year-round.

But mornings and evenings on the patio under the canopy are almost as lovely as fall days. This morning, leftover breezes from last night's storm will eventually send me indoors for one of the many fleece blankets we have acquired, but for now, I am enjoying the sights, sounds (I swear that bird is saying "come here, come here, come here, come here") and fragrances of my own back yard.

Sitting here with a glass of tea planning my day feels like the ultimate leisure. Okay, maybe sitting on a beach on a tropical island being waited on is the ultimate leisure, but if I'm working within the bounds of reality, this comes pretty close. There are things I must do, which provide structure for my day, things I should do and things I might choose to do. Sitting out here with my list and my calendar, my task is to sprinkle a little bit of each throughout my day so I can achieve both a sense of accomplishment and a sense of relaxation.

It must be summer.

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