Monday, April 2, 2012

Living Small: The Cape Cod Chronicles

The closet seemed like such a good idea at the time. A system designed to utilize the wasted space in the recesses of our Cape Cod closet, outfitting the space with hanging rods, shelves for shoes and open shelving in the back for storage. That was before backaches. Before vertigo. Before I was eligible for membership in the AARP.

To be fair, it works very well most of the time. But when the time comes to put away boots and drag out sandals (or vice versa), I wonder what I was thinking. As I contort my body into positions reminiscent of a yoga workout in order to access the nether regions of the closet, I think there has to be a better way.

Consequently, this process is begun only when the shoe detritus on the closet floor begins to spill out onto the bedroom floor, making it hazardous to cross the room in the dark, and requiring caution even during the day. Thanks to Post-it's on all the shoeboxes, I've gotten to the point where, contortionist positions notwithstanding, it's a fairly simple, if prolonged, process.

As I type this, I'm about halfway through the process for this season. The addition of new sandals into the mix promises to add a new complication as I squeeze summer footwear into the available space while still keeping some warmer footwear options close at hand. When I think about the weeding that will be a necessary part of the process, I wonder if perhaps I should buy fewer shoes.


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