Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stylish Blogs Worth Sharing

Thank you to those of you who sent me blog addresses!! I am still reading through some of your suggestions, but couldn't resist posting a few I've discovered/re-discovered so far. So here are the first five, in no particular order.

Random Thoughts from Midlife
This one is first because it truly is recently discovered! The most recent posts are a gorgeous travelogue of Italy, a perfect balance of words and photos. Plus, the name of the blog was a grabber in and of itself.

Susan Says and Cate Masters
Susan and Cate are fellow Susquehanna Writers and so I can't say I've recently discovered their blogs, but since they haven't been featured here previously, and because they're good examples of what a good blog should look like, I think they meet the Stylish Blog criteria. Mine anyway.

Donald Miller
This blog was one of the ones recommended to me by my friend Cheryl and is not one I'd have been likely to find on my own. I really enjoyed what I read there, though, and liked the variety it offered.

Some Mad Hope
This one was brought to my attention by blogger Holly Bowne who told me she always gets something good out of reading Heidi's blog. What I got out of Heidi's most recent post was a laugh and a huge sigh of relief that I'm not alone. Always promising.

I hope you'll check these out...and check back for the remaining 5-7 blogs I still have to honor. I'd also be remiss if I didn't point you in the direction of the lower right hand side of this blog, where there are links to the blogs I read regularly. I'm not honoring them in this post because they've already earned their place of honor on my bloglist.

To those of you named above: I will contact you directly and point you this way so you can see what I've said about you ;-) Your job is to post the Stylish Blogger badge (at the top of this post) on your blog, as well as:

1. Posting a blog that shares 7 things about you and

2. Passing the award on to 10-15 recently discovered bloggers.

If you'd like to thank me and link back to me, that'd be much appreciated as well.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out. I'm still learning and dancing as fast as I can.

  2. One of the most fun parts of this task was discovering how beautiful a blog page could be. I tend to think in words instead of pictures, and seeing blogs like yours displaying beauty in both has been truly inspiring. Keep dancing...and blogging!

  3. Wow! Thanks Lisa (and Holly!). I used to be much funnier before I got back into school and became all filled with academic stuff. Those classics are clouding my sense of humor. :)

    Thanks for the shout-out! It may take me a while to pay this forward, but I will get to work on it right away. So good to meet you!

  4. Take your time. Blog gems are worth waiting for :-)

  5. Thanks, Lisa. I'm thrilled to be noticed by you. I was just planning my blogs for next week, and you've given me a place to start. Thank you.

  6. My pleasure. As an educator who wears several hats myself, I really identified with your most recent post. I love my iPad, but chose the less expensive model - which leaves me exactly where you described....

    Thanks for commenting!

  7. Oh goodie! More new blogs for me to discover. Thanks, Lisa!

  8. Stay tuned, Holly! I have a few others in mind, but haven't had time to post...