Monday, February 21, 2011

Looking for a Few Good Blogs

I was so pleased to receive the Stylish Blogger award from Tanya Reimer last week, and I would so love to share the award and honor other bloggers. I knew it would be a challenge to find 10-12 new blogs that piqued my interest and made me want to come back for more...mostly because I'm not sure where to look.

But the search has proven even more challenging than I expected. I've read, skimmed and flown past a fair number of blogs in the last week, trying to make a dent in the bestowal of this award.

Lest you think I'm a blog snob, let me tell you that my criteria aren't that tough. I want to find blogs whose content pulls me in, but does not offend me or my readers. A little humor is nice, but not essential. What is essential, however is correct spelling, grammar and punctuation. And no, I do not care to read about what you ate for breakfast this morning unless it's the lead-in to a funny, inspirational or informative story. One that is neatly broken into paragraphs that I can read in less than ten minutes. And, oh yeah - it should have been updated some time in the last month - unless you are a parent who's already an acclaimed author like KL Going. In short, it has to compete with, and compare favorably to, all the other things competing for my attention.

Okay, maybe I am a blog snob. But if you've read Tanya's blog or any of the blogs on my blog list (lower right corner of this page), they all qualify. And if you've read anything at all about blogging, these rules should already be governing your posts.

I know these blogs are out there. I stumbled upon Holly Bowne's blog when I was sharing the Sunshine Award some time ago. Her blog still makes me laugh often and some days, it takes my breath away.

So, I'm issuing a plea to all you blog readers/writers out there. Please help me find some award-worthy blogs not written by publishing professionals (editors, agents). Truth be told, I have a couple in mind, but "a couple" is only 20% of the 10-12 I am supposed to honor.

I promise that I will not trash anyone's work in this space (or any other). If I don't like the blog, I simply won't mention it - but you can mention it in the comments here, and draw traffic its way - because after all, not everyone likes the same things.

But if I do like it, and if it meets the criteria above, I'll be happy to make someone's day the way Tanya made mine.


  1. Congratulations on your well-deserved Stylish Blogger Award, Lisa! And thanks so much for your kind words about mine. (I'm smiling shyly this very minute. ;o)

    Now, to help you in your quest, just wondering if you've ever visited the blog of Heidi Willis? She is a new author, her first book, Some Kind of Normal, debuted in 2010. (It's an AWESOME book and I actually reviewed it on my blog a while back.) I always get something good out of reading her blog. Here's the link:

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks, Holly! I am looking forward to checking out Heidi's blog, and I always look forward to reading yours!

  3. You have a nice blog and I love your shelfari book choices!