Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Right Way to Blog?

I've been reading a lot about blogging lately, and much of what I've read proposes creating a brand for yourself - at least if you are a writer. Narrow your focus. Post often, but not too often. Make sure your readers know what to expect.

My first reaction was panic - am I doing this right? And so I began to think about the blogs that interest me. Most have a certain degree of predictability - I know when I go to Holly's blog, I'll probably read about parenting not pig farming, but I was thrilled when I found movie clips there right before Christmas. Not parenting movies - just movies.

I know when I read Carole's blog, I won't stumble into anything x-rated, but I never quite know who I'll hear about or what topic will be discussed.

When I go to Rachelle's blog or Chuck's blog, I'm likely to learn something about writing or the publishing industry - but it will be through Rachelle's eyes or from Chuck's perspective.

I realized that the blogs I enjoy most aren't as much about consistency as personality. True, there's a certain amount of predictability to the topic, but there's also room to include something interesting that gives me a new insight into the person writing the blog.

I think a blog has to have a through line - especially if you aren't famous. But it seems to me that knowing exactly what to expect from one post to the next doesn't keep readers coming back. Instead, it sends them out in search of something more interesting and less predictable. That's what I think.

What do you think?

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