Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just What I Needed

I am blessed to be a member of an amazing writers' group. They patiently read everything I serve up and skillfully offer me ways to make it better. Over time, they've become more than comrades in prose. They've become my friends.

This past weekend, this group had its semi-annual writing retreat. Twice a year, we rent cabins at a local state park, write like mad, share meals and make each other laugh. I'm at a place in my life (working full time, being a wife and mother) where I go for just a day, but fortunately for me, one day is just enough.

Just enough to write - a lot. Just enough to laugh - perhaps even more. Just enough to soak up creativity, friendship and conversations that will linger long after we've returned home, and laughter that will continue to lift me up whenever I remember the conversations that sparked it.

This time, the retreat happened to follow a two week period where bad news seemed to stalk me. Despite looking forward to my time away immensely, I arrived still in a funk. As it turns out, the combination of accomplishment, camaraderie and laughter was the perfect prescription.

I am blessed to be a member of an amazing writers' group...among other things. What group are you blessed to be a part of?

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