Thursday, October 28, 2010

In a Class By Herself

Some people just radiate class. It has nothing to do with the fabric of their clothes, but everything to do with the fabric of their being. It is evident when they speak by the words they use and the phrases they choose, but mostly by the way they treat those around them.

My friend Barb is one of those people. She is quiet and unassuming, so it takes a while to realize how bright and creative she is, especially because she will never tell you these things. She is kind and insightful, yet has very little awareness of the impact she has on others because humility is at the core of her being.

My friend Barb is going through a rough patch. This is not the first; she has battled physical demons and personal loss before. But this demon is cancer, one of the scariest ones she has had to face. And while I have no doubt that she'll face it with the class and dignity that define her character, I hate that she has to face it at all.

So today, when you have a moment, please say a prayer for my friend Barb and for those like her whose demons may threaten their physical being, but can never define who they are. Pray that class and dignity and bravery may be the tools that triumph over physical and emotional challenges, and outclass illness.


  1. Lisa, I have friends like that, too. Aren't we blessed? I'll send a prayer up for Barb.

    Retreat in just a few will be there, right?

  2. Thank you. Prayers are our best defense, especially now.

    Yes, I'll be there - I'll be a "day tripper" on Saturday. See you soon!