Friday, January 8, 2010

Procratination Station

Though I know I have a tendency to procrastinate, I've never thought of myself as a person who does this because I work better under pressure. I remember staying up all night to finish a paper only once in college because that once was enough. Never. Again. Not my best work by a long shot.

Still, as I wrote my last entry, I realized that seems to be what I do when it comes to household projects. I have an entire vacation to re-do my daughter's hang-out room (still looking for an appropriate tween word to replace "playroom" me if you can!), and when do I start? At the end of vacation, when I have only a few days left and not enough time to complete the project.

Sure, it could be argued that it was Christmas vacation and that what I was doing prior to those last few days was celebrating Christmas...but it certainly seems that I don't start these things until the pressure is mounting. Maybe that's when the urge to accomplish something finally trumps the urge to do nothing.

I've come to the conclusion that for me, pressure is more of an ignition, helping me to jump start a large project or an imposing task, propeling me forward until I have made enough progress that the completion of the task becomes accessible...or at least unavoidable. I don't procrastinate because that's when I do my best work. I procrastinate because the accumulated energy helps me to complete the work. I think.

So, this weekend, we will attempt to finish off the, er, tween room - the one we started at the end of vacation. By the end of this weekend, the odds and ends will have found homes, the floor will be free of bins and we will no longer place our lives (or at least our balance) at risk when we attempt to cross the room.

Unless, of course, I find a good reason to procrastinate.

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