Thursday, January 14, 2010

A morning without interruptions is a wonderful thing indeed. My brain spins - it is always full - yet that doesn't keep new thoughts from arriving like so many jumbo jets, one after the other, waiting to land and disembark, each disbursing new responsibilities like so many expectant passengers. That wonderful, uninterrupted block of time enables me to keep up with the neverending flow, diverting each new addition to its designated spot on my to-do list. For me, this means freeing up brain space to actually think and create rather than store and obsess.

I'm actually trying to develop a new to-do list habit. Over Christmas break, I pulled out my copy of Julie Morgenstern's Making Work Work, which I had previously begun reading, but never completed...which led me to one of my new year's resolutions: whenever possible, finish one thing before starting another. Getting back to the advice in Making Work Work also inspired another resolution: keep ONE to-do list, all in one place.

So, by the end of the wonderful, blessed, uninterrupted morning I had earlier this week, I had corralled my random thoughts onto ONE to-do list, which was housed in my planner, bound in (at least temporarily) by loose-leaf rings. And, I actually managed to cross off a few items, moving toward my goal for the day, which was simply to get caught up a little and create a plan for the rest of the week. I went to lunch, wheels still turning, planes still landing, list...

...on my desk. Oh well. Maybe two lists are better than one?

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