Friday, July 10, 2009

Looking for a Good Book?

I am never at a loss for something to read. In fact, I have a tendency to have several books going at the same time. Usually, they're a mix of fiction and non-fiction. Though I have trouble reading more than one novel at a time, I can usually juggle several unrelated non-fiction books fairly well.

In the fiction realm, I most recently finished The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs, and now that I've gotten into it, I'm finding that I like her Comfort Food even better. I also have Jennifer Weiner's Certain Girls and The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews lying in wait, along with A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon, whose The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time I just loved. It had been recommended to the group several years back by one of the editors or agents at the Rutgers One-on-One Plus, and they certainly did not steer us wrong.

On the non-fiction front, I just finished reading Why Gender Matters by Leonard Sax. It was required reading for a course I'm taking, but also interesting reading. I'm still working on Joel Osteen's Become a Better You, which I tend to read in fits and starts, and am tearing through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace. And in the spirit of complete honesty, I have a few issues of Soap Opera Digest, Real Simple and TV Guide awaiting my attention.

I tend to be very author loyal - if I like something an author has written, I'll seek out more of his or her books. I also get recommendations from friends (I didn't start Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series until I'd heard about it from at least three co-workers who proclaimed it a "must read") and from Amazon, which follows my purchases and "suggests" other books I might like. Then there are my trips to Borders and Barnes and Noble, which usually yield some fun finds, and, oh yeah, the local used bookstore, Bookends, where I just can't help myself because the books are half price, and the library...

Finding something to read is never a problem, no matter my mood. In fact, I'm a book glutton, on a self-imposed purchase moratorium until I make a dent in the book pile described above.

Then I'll tackle the pile underneath.

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