Sunday, June 7, 2009

The End is in Sight and I’m Contemplating My Summer Reading

Despite the fact that I’m not supposed to be buying any more books until I read the ones piled up around my house, I picked up a great book the other night: Christina Katz’s Get Known Before the Book Deal. In it, Ms. Katz explains author platforms and how to “grow” them. It’s a perfect addition to a busy writer’s bookshelf because it’s easy to pick it up and read just a little bit at a time (much like her other book, Writer Mama), which is exactly how I plan to squeeze it into the teeny, tiny slice of time I have available for reading something else besides the books threatening to overtake several rooms in my house. She offers an e-newsletter and more info on the Get Known blog (link below).

I'm at "one and done" - this time tomorrow night, I'll officially be on vacation! Hmm...maybe I do have a chance of reclaiming my house before the unread books take over!

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