Thursday, June 4, 2009

2 Days to Go...But Only One With the Kids

The kids are ready. The energy in the building could be used to power vehicles, especially today when rain and humidity trapped the kids inside. By the time we had our end-of-year assembly at 2:00, they were already wound up.

I love our end-of-year assembly. It's long, and tough for the youngest kids to sit through, but it celebrates the accomplishments of our students. Most of the focus is on the oldest students, the fourth and fifth graders, but art awards, Math Madness and the recognition of Student Voices representatives extends the celebration into the lower grades as well. Our generous PTO provides coupons for freebies for kids in every category. It's truly a chance to celebrate successes.

My favorite part, however is the end of the assembly which has very little to do with who did what and everything to do with having fun. We all sing our school song, and then our music teacher stands up and leads the entire school (including the teachers, most of whom give in and dance along with the kids) in a dance to "YMCA" - a dance which has become as much a part of the assembly as the certificates and freebie coupons. We all get silly and as we anticipate summer vacation, we revel in the fact that we're about more than just reading, math, social studies, science and test scores. Unabashed and unapologetic, we're kissing test scores and regulations goodbye and letting kids be kids.

2 days to go and life is good.

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