Friday, May 29, 2009

6 Days Plus Two Weekends Till Summer Vacation!

I'm starting to make lists. Lists of things I must do at work, lists of things I must do at home, and, best of all, lists of things I want to do this summer!

Making lists isn't new to me; in fact, it's a way of life. Lately, though, I'm feeling as though my head is too full (and not just because of the allergy-inducing aroma of grass clippings that permeates the air), and I need to empty my thoughts out onto paper.

Last weekend, in the cafe at Barnes and Noble, I pulled out a random sheet of paper and started jotting things down. My sister laughed and said, "How many of those do you have?"

Truth is, I've lost count. In fact, I decided today that I need to stash notebooks in the car and in my purse (I've already got several at school and piles of them at home) in order to
limit the number of little pieces of paper, Post-It notes and sliced open business envelopes I have floating around. My theory is that notebooks are harder to lose than all of those separate pieces of paper, which makes them a safer repository for all of the thoughts that are colliding in my head, threatening to catapult each other into oblivion.

Notebooks are multipurpose. They work for to-do lists, shopping lists and lists of ideas. Their pages are large enough for brainstorming, and small enough (if I choose the right notebook...but that obsession is another blog by itself!) to keep the lists from becoming overwhelming. Spiral-bound notebooks allow me to keep some pages and discard others, tearing out the lists of things I've accomplished with a satisfying "rrrip!" Notebooks are portable...and very, very necessary for neatly containing the messy lists of things I must remember not to forget in the six days and two weekends until summer vacation.

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