Wednesday, November 6, 2013


When my literary agent nudged me to get started on Pinterest, all I could think was, "Great. One more social media site that will take time away from my writing." But the book she'd recommended was free on Amazon that day, and the title was certainly optimistic (Pinterest Savvy: How I Got 1 Million+ Followers), so I dutifully downloaded it and added it to my reading list.

I still haven't finished reading the book, but that's only because it took just a few pages to get me interested in going to the site to find out what she (author Melissa Taylor) was talking about. Since I'm not a recipes and crafts kind of girl, I wasn't sure how I'd use the site at first, so I was slow to start, but once I started creating boards that matched my interests, I decided it was kind of fun.
Lately, my playing has gone in a new direction, as I seek out images to inspire my book launch party (I don't have a location or a date, but I have cake ideas), my book cover and interest in my book and characters. As a person who appreciates pretty pictures, but lacks the talent to dream them up, I enjoy finding ideas and inspiration that have been posted by those who possess the abilities I lack.

While my Pinterest hobby shows no signs of surpassing my Facebook addiction, it has definitely found a place in my leisure time. And I do plan to go back and finish reading the book, though I'm afraid that any more knowledge could be a dangerous thing.

Till then, if you'd like to see the pins that remind me of my story and characters, or perhaps take a sneak peek at the ideas I have for my book launch parties (yes, that's plural), check out my Pinterest page. And if you're an advanced Pinterest user and have some suggestions for me, feel free to post them here. I guess a little more knowledge never hurt anyone.

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