Wednesday, January 6, 2021

New Year, New Project!

In my excitement, I posted this here instead of at Organizing by STYLE where it belongs. I corrected my mistake, but couldn't bring myself to delete the post because, well, I'm excited. So, I've shortened it and am leaving it here because it's author news, after all. 

Wednesday Porch Swing post coming soon. :-)
Confessions make the leap to e-book!

I am beyond excited to share with you my latest project: an e-book compilation of my True Confessions Wednesday posts! After hitting my 50th True Confession in December, I wanted to celebrate, so I decided to gather all my confessions into one volume. 

Begun in September 2019 (pre-pandemic -- remember those days?), this recurring feature was a lot of fun to write, and also a lot of fun to revisit as I put the e-book together. The posts have been lightly edited but are essentially the same.

And they will remain here as well. I've often considered, but consistently rejected, the idea of monetizing this blog, but nearly all the avenues I've explored involved interrupting your reading experience and doing the things I find annoying on other blogs. For me, this blog is a place to share my ideas, as well as organizational frustrations and triumphs, and pop-ups and sign-ups only distract from that purpose.

So, you can still find all of my posts at Organizing by STYLE, as long as Blogger will keep them. But, if you'd like the convenience of finding all of my (organizational) confessions in one place, you might like the book.

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