Friday, June 19, 2020

Friday Feature: Celebrations and Commemorations

First, an apology. I try not to post celebrations, so to speak, twice 
in the same week since you can click over to just as easily as I can.

But today is National Flip Flop Day. Ignoring that would be like ignoring National Chocolate Day. Or Free Money Day (if there were such a thing).

Or Juneteenth. (More on that later).

My daughter, who is 22, can still wear five-and-dime flip flops. That very reference should tell you that I  am no longer old enough to make that same claim. The flip flops that are a staple of my wardrobe (and, make no mistake, I have a collection) are significantly more expensive. Not only can my feet no longer sustain the pounding they take in cheap flip flops, but my legs and back feel it, too.

But I live in good flip flops -- those with a decent footbed -- in all but the coldest weather. While I wear them outdoors only from April to October, I wear them indoors year-round. Unlike their cheap cousins, well-built flip flops are better than barefoot.

What should we women (or men) of a certain age look for in flip flops? I'm happy to say that has a pretty comprehensive answer to that question. The article is from last summer, but does a good job of sharing why those five-and-dime flip flops are a terrible idea and what you should look for instead.

Speaking of terrible ideas, it would be a terrible idea for me to post about flip flops while ignoring the fact that today we commemorate a day with much greater import. But, since I know much more about flip flops than Juneteenth, I prefer to use this day to seek information about Juneteenth rather than dispensing it from a platform that lacks any reasonable foundation. In that spirit, I've created multiple links to information. Just click on the word Juneteenth any time it appears in this post to read what I'll be reading today. For every Juneteenth link I've provided, there are probably ten more that are at least as valuable so, if you find a source worth sharing, I hope you'll include it in the comments below. 

Our current circumstances make it easy to forget that every day holds something worth celebrating, whether silly, like flip flops, or momentous, like freedom. This weekend, I hope you'll find plenty worth celebrating. 

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