Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Back to School

Geralt via Pixabay

Some days, I know exactly what I want to write about.

Today was not one of them.

Since the main thing on my mind this first week of school is, well, school, I finally decided on a list post about that very topic. So, without further ado, my back-to-school list of 10.

  1. Favorite thing #1: Planning new things to do with my classes.
  2. Favorite thing #2: Meeting my students. (Favorites are in chronological order, not order of preference).
  3. Least favorite thing #1: Setting an alarm.
  4. Least favorite thing #2: Grading piles of papers.
  5. Scheduling plus: I get up earlier, which sometimes means I have more productive hours at my disposal.
  6. Scheduling minus: I get up earlier -- LOL! 
  7. Scheduling reality: I have to plan my free time better because there's less of it. 
  8. Writing reality #1: Except for blog posts, most of my writing gets relegated to Friday afternoons and weekends.
  9. Writing reality #2: If I have a stack of papers to grade, writing sometimes gets pushed off the schedule altogether.
  10. Another fun fringe benefit: If the semester is in session, so are my voice lessons.
How I really feel: Blessed. Some people don't even have one career they love in their lives. I've had three.

So far.

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