Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday Feature: Plastic or No Plastic

I am in search of the perfect water bottle. Again.

I've got plenty of reusable shopping bags and I've laid in a supply of reusable straws (after rejecting both paper straws and aluminum because they didn't work with my milk-based iced lattes). I skip plastic lids whenever possible, recycle whatever I can and use both sides of practically every piece of paper. I'm still working on my fleece addiction (So lightweight, yet so warm! So packable!) and, on the infrequent occasions when I buy six-packs of soda, I always cut the rings apart before tossing them in the trash.

But I haven't yet been able to part with my plastic water bottles. I've tried to find a decent reusable bottle, but I've yet to find one that has a spout I like. I tried a screw-top aluminum bottle, but it gave my water a tinny taste. I have glass water bottle that's a contender but, when my hands are full of class stuff, it often gets ditched in favor of something more lightweight I can tuck into my bag as I walk out the door. And, on the days my glass bottle survives the trip to the car, it takes a little finagling to get it situated because it doesn't fit in my cup holder.

Still, despite its inconveniences, I like it. So I persist.

But I also persist in my search. I recycle the empty plastic bottles I'm using in the meantime, so there's that. But still, they make the not-so-short list of things that are endangering the wildlife in our oceans. In a time where, in my area at least, fewer items are being accepted for recycling, the search and the persistence are more important than ever.

So, if anyone has any suggestions for the perfect reusable (non-aluminum) water bottle, I'm all ears.

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