Friday, March 15, 2019

Friday Feature: Barbie's Birthday

Last weekend, Barbie celebrated her 60th birthday. When I wrote about Barbie and Ken in Wednesday's post, I knew I was going to go in search of news about the celebration for today's post.

As it turns out, there were quite a few Barbie celebrations, but my favorite article was a photo spread in BuzzFeed. Lumen, a 50+ dating app, honored both Barbie and Ken (whose birthday was Wednesday) with a photo shoot featuring them in vintage Barbie settings. The twist?

Barbie and Ken are more than all grown up. They're 60.

It's at once amusing and inspiring. Barbie looks amazing (of course) while Ken has not aged as well (in my opinion), hair color notwithstanding.

But Lumen's concept was about more than just nostalgia. The app wanted to draw attention not only to Barbie, but to ageism in toys.

Barbie has been many things in the past sixty years. Could Grandma Barbie be next?

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