Monday, April 16, 2018

The Art of the Tweet

It took me a while to become a Twitter fan. At first, I just didn't get it but, once I discovered that it was a source of interesting reading material, I was hooked.

I still struggle with creating "just right" tweets (although I can usually find a few that are just so wrong...). Instead of writing pithy tweets of my own, I find myself replying, retweeting and reposting my blogs. 

I'm learning. I'll get the hang of it.

Some days, Twitter makes me smile, but other days, it's more frustrating than inspiring. Today, I set out to stack the deck in my favor, intentionally going in search of tweets I liked. 

Here's a sampling:
  • Tweet #1: Talking to yourself can improve your mood, enhance your intelligence and boost self esteem. (Source: Psychology Living; @LivPsy) 
         Why I liked it: Isn't it obvious? This is great news for those of us who talk to ourselves!
  • Tweet #2: This morning it rained inside the New York City subway. Yes, you read that right.(Source: Wired; @Wired) 
         Why I liked it: Clever, attention-getting and prompted me to read the piece.
  • Tweet #3:  Being afraid of Friday the 13th is such a Hufflepuff thing to do. (Clearly not today's tweet from Professor Snape; @_Snape)
         Why I liked it: True to character with just the right amount of snark.
  • Tweets #4 & #5: Aim for what you want, and don't downsize your #dream.
  • Live the story you want to tell. (Source: Valorie Burton; @ValorieBurton)
         Why I liked it: I can always count on Valorie Burton for a touch of inspiration.

It took me a while, but now, Twitter is a daily habit. Although I'm still perfecting the "just right" tweet, I have discovered that being informed, amused and maybe even inspired by Twitter means knowing where to look.

Who are your social media inspirations?

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