Monday, March 26, 2018

National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Midora via Pixabay
Happy National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day! No, I'm not making this up. According to Checkiday, March 26 is, indeed, National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.

In addition to all the worthwhile days out there, days honoring heroes and raising awareness for illnesses, here are a few silly holidays I'd make up if I were in charge of holidays:

Spend the day in your pjs day. Last week, I had two snow days and pretty much successfully accomplished this celebration. Up your alley? National Wear Your Pajamas to Work day is April 16.

A whole day to myself day.  Yeah, I'm a little spoiled by last week's snow days and grateful that this week is a three day week. My favorite days are the days when I can finish (or reach a logical stopping point for) everything I start. Maybe I should call it Start What You Finish Day.

Inside Voices Day. On Inside Voices Day, cell phone conversations would be banned in public places. In addition, anyone carrying on a detailed conversation about private matters in a public place would need to take their conversation outside. If I don't know you, I don't want to hear about your cousin's divorce, your uncle's surgery or the boyfriend who dumped you four times and, on Inside Voices Day, I won't have to.

National Donut Day. Just because. Here in Pennsylvania, we have Fastnacht Day the day before Ash Wednesday (Fat Tuesday). In addition, National Cream-Filled Donut Day is September 14. On any donut day, all donuts can be eaten guilt-free.

Chocoholics Day. I'm sad to report that I missed Chocolate Day on February 9. On Chocoholics Day, chocolate would be plentiful and indulgence would be encouraged.

Jersey Girl Day. There would be no parallel parking and plenty of attitude on Jersey Girl Day. I'd suggest August 13 as a potential date. And yes, it's totally coincidental that that's my birthday....

If you were in charge of holidays, what celebration would you cook up?


  1. I'd totally take advantage of that April 16 holiday EXCEPT I have to go to meetings in Massachusetts that day, so I don't think PJs would be acceptable. Even if it is a holiday.

    1. Barb, one of the things I like best about working from home (when I can) is the relaxed wardrobe requirements :-)